Split type Hydraulic Gear Puller 5T 200mm 3 Claws Formula FYL-5

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Product Name: Split hydraulic Rama
Product parameters:
Output: 5T
Maximum transverse draw length: 200mm
Vertical maximum draw length: 140mm
Axis travel: 50mm
Function Description:
1, to facilitate the use of new hydraulic puller operation.
2, jaw and two jaw formula can replace them in the scene working.
3, free to rotate in the center of the piston away from Rama soon be drawn across the center of the workpiece. You can choose pump CP-700 CP-180 CP-800 ZCB-63A.
4. The jaws with three height can be adjusted.
A range of applications
Is an alternative to traditional hydraulic Rama Rama idealized new tools. Easy to operate, effort, subject to site constraints, this Rama compact structure, flexible, light weight, small size, easy to carry, suitable for factory repair place.
Second, the use
1, such as lack of fuel pump, the pump need to first join the working oil (YB-N32 hydraulic oil) to work.
2, prior to use should be based on the outer diameter of the object is pulled, and pulled away from the loading force, select the appropriate tonnage hydraulic Rama, avoid overloading, to avoid damage to Rama.
3, when used with the first quick connector docking hand pump hydraulic Rama, and then choose the right location, will be put on the oil pump screws tightened to adjust the hook claw to claw hook to seize the drawn object, starting piston rod manual hydraulic pump action forward steadily forward, the corresponding hook claw back, the object is pulled out.
4, will be put on the hand pump oil loosen the screw, piston actuating lever under spring action gradually retraction.
5, in order to prevent equipment damage caused by overloading, the hydraulic unit equipped with automatic overload relief valve, when the object

Model Number FYL-5
DIY Supplies Metalworking
Type Hydraulic Pullers
Unit Type piece
Package Weight 5.0kg (11.02lb.)
Package Size 38cm x 15cm x 10cm (14.96in x 5.91in x 3.94in)

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